Bespoke Travel Experiences


Explore the hidden gems of Ierapetra

Few islands combine the many things that Crete does. An island full of legends, myths, history, and rare beauty that gives you a variety of options and experiences. From scenic mountains to picturesque beaches and from tasteful food to peaceful views, Ierapetra has everything to offer. Explore the southernmost European city, dive into the clear blue waters, explore the wild nature of the island, or take a short trip in history by walking around the traditional Old Town. Ierapetra can satisfy even your most acquired tastes with its charm and variety of options. Choose the experiences that suit you best, and our employees will help you live them.

Explore Chrissi Island

A small and beautiful uninhabited island with an old chapel and tempting golden beaches awaits you to explore it. Hop on a boat just 8 miles off the port of Ierapetra and visit the unspoiled island.

Enjoy a Spa Day

Dive into relaxation with one of our spa treatments. Pamper yourself and uncover a range of curated Cretan treatments tailored to your needs.

Become a Wine Expert

Join one of the wine tasting courses carefully curated by Tylissos Beach Hotel. Learn more about uncovering the tastes of different wines and the wines produced in Crete.

Tour the Old Town and the House of Napoleon

Wander around the Old Town of Ierapetra and admire the architecture of a different era. Along the narrow alleys of the old town, you will also find the house in which Napoleon the Great stayed during his trip to Egypt.

Visit the Sarakina Gorge

Sarakina Gorge, whose length is 1.5 km, is only 20 km away from Ierapetra. During this short walk, you will see the beautiful Cretan nature in a canyon easily accessible by anyone, with natural water ponds and only a few climbing points that require attention.